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Repertoire, Tunes and Melody Sets

Our band has an ever growing selection of music; we are able to learn new tunes for special occasions



Mari’s Wedding; Scotland the Brave; No Awa’ ta Bide Awa’; Will ye no Come Back Again

Jack’s Welcome Home; Jimmy Findlater


Greenhills of Tyrol; When the Battle is Over

P/M J.K. Cairns; The Red Hackle in Belgium


Corriechollies 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting; Terribus; Liberton Polka


Angus MacKinnon; El Alamein

The Athol Highlanders; Bonnie Dundee; Cock o’ the North

Medley Sets


Murdo’s Wedding; Steal Away; Molly Connell; P/M J.K. Cairns; Sailing With a Heavy Heart; Colin’s Cattle


Cutting Bracken; The Duck; Fasgahdair; Aspen Bank; Kelsey’s Wee Reel; Yellow Walls and Potholes; Throw the Dead Cat Under the Rug; O’Keefe’s Slide

Concert Tunes

Skye Boat Song; Steamboat (The Hills of Caithness)

The Road to Paschendale (guitarist accompanist)

Waltzing Matilda; Auld Lange Syne

Flower of Scotland; Scotland the Brave

Flowers of the Forest

Highland Cathedral

Amazing Grace

2 Christmas Sets

If you’re an experienced player and thinking of joining us, please contact us to access our particular settings of these tunes

Repertoire: Music
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