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City of Maitland welcomes learners of any age




graham hobart

Graham Hobart

Years Playing = 25 years


john edwards

John Edwards

Years Playing = 40+


greg queenan

Greg Queenan

Years Playing = 21

Favourite Tune = Dark Isle



ian innes

Ian Innes

Years Playing = 50

Favourite Tune = Flower of Scotland


bill mckinnon mathews

Bill McKinnon-Mathews

Years Playing = 30+



joe royston

Joe Royston

Years Playing = 50

Favourite Tune = Calium Mo Ruimsa



greg dewar

Greg Dewar

Years Playing = 60



malcolm newbiggen

Malcolm Newbiggen

Years Playing = Since School

Favourite Tune = Angus McKinnon



robbie cheetham

Robbie Cheetham

Years Playing = 50 + years

stuart wilsonStuart Wilson
Years playing +30 years

don bruner

Don Bruner

Years Playing = 40+




jenny matthews

Jenny Matthews

Years Playing = +25



john duncan

John Duncan

Years Playing = 30+